Watch SpaceX launch the GRACE-FO and Iridium NEXT satellites here

Liftoff is scheduled for 12:47PM PT

Zuckerberg avoided tough questions thanks to short EU testimony format

Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of the EU's abbreviated format to bend his testimony towards Facebook's most defensible positions

‘Solo’ is a serviceable Star Wars story

‘Solo’ a perfectly middle of the road adventure that’s unlikely to end up at either the top or bottom of anyone’s list of Star Wars films

Drink-a-day startup Hooch raises $5M as it plans blockchain initiative

What does blockchain have to do with free drinks?

RED’s new camera will use its Hydrogen One phone as a viewfinder

RED’s new camera will use its Hydrogen One phone as a viewfinder

Foundation Ep. 6 - Startup Frenzy 🌀

In Episode 6 of Foundation the Doc, startup cofounders in their natural habitat. Observe them placing 300 calls over a day, recruiting developers while managing emergencies, a getting their hands dirty while building their own prototype. launches lab for developers to build apps on publishing blockchain

Developers can build apps on top of publishing blockchain.

Circle Invest lets you buy the cryptocurrency market

One button to buy them all

Dropbox beefs up mobile collaboration in latest release

Makes it easier for teams to collaborate on the go.

Parabola raises $2.2 million to simplify programming for employees stuck in Excel all day

Parabola is making it easier for non-technical people to design and automate workflows

Epic Games will pump $100 million into Fortnite eSports competitions

Epic Games doesn’t want the Fortnite party to stop

Instagram says “you’re all caught up” in first time well spent feature

Instagram’s latest feature lets users know when they can stop scrolling without FOMO

Comcast is (update: was) leaking the names and passwords of customers’ wireless routers

UPDATE: Comcast has taken down the service in question and is conducting an investigation on the issue of exposing customer names and passwords

Realeyes, which uses AI and a front-facing camera to read viewers’ emotions, raises $16.2M

Realeyes could change the way marketers measure the impact of campaigns

Everence transforms hair, ash and DNA into material for tattoos

"It all comes down to emotional connections."

Instagram now lets you mute accounts

Mute like no one is watching...

This UK startup thinks it can win the self-driving car race with better machine learning

Wayve wants "to give our vehicles better brains, not more hardware”

Quit Genius, helping smokers quit, picks up an extra $1.1 million in seed

Quit Genius brings seed round to $2 million

Quit Genius, helping smokers quit, picks up an extra $1.1 million in seed

Quit Genius brings seed round to $2 million

Comcast is leaking the names and passwords of customers’ wireless routers

Comcast is caught up in a major security flaw

U.S. and China reportedly working on a deal to save ZTE

The two countries have agreed on a “broad outline” to settle trade disputes

Email client Spark becomes collaborative

Time to ditch Outlook

Maze turns your InVision prototypes into flexible testing tools

From an InVision file to an interactive test

Bail reform has a complex relationship with tech

Bail reform has a complex relationship with tech

Announcing the last judges for the TC Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech

Are you ready for TechCrunch's Startup Battlefield Europe?

Are algorithms hacking our thoughts?

The algorithms we’ve developed to help us navigate choice are now actively driving every aspect of our lives

From fungal architecture to shape-shifting robo-swarms, here are NASA’s latest moonshots

Here's what NASA thinks the future of space exploration might look like

Sign up today: 2-for-1 Innovator passes to Disrupt Berlin

TechCrunch is headed to Germany to host Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30

Google Photos adds likes and favorites with hearts and stars

Google is bringing likes and favorites to its Photos app

SpaceX rocket will make a pit stop 305 miles up to deploy NASA satellites before moving on

SpaceX is set for another launch tomorrow at 12:27PM PT

Hands on with the Blockchain Terminal

Inside the new terminal aimed at turning Wall Street traders into crypto fans

Sony shrinks its Digital Paper tablet down to a more manageable 10 inches

Sony introduces a slimmed down 10-inch Digital Paper tablet

Adobe to acquire Magento for $1.6 B

Beefs up their Experience cloud with big commerce component.

Alibaba’s newest initiative aims to make Hong Kong a global AI hub

Alibaba is making a big push to make Hong Kong a global hub for AI

Cryptocurrency and a stock market boom pushes TradingView to $37 million in new funding

TradingView's Java-based PineScript lets anyone develop their own customized financial analysis tools

HMD raises $100 million to bring even more Nokia phones to market

Will HMD be able to reassert Nokia as a truly bleeding-edge brand?

TheSkimm closes its $12M Series C with big names Shonda Rhimes and Tyra Banks on board

Shonda Rhimes and Tyra Banks join in on TheSkimm's $12M Series C funding round

Facebook and Qualcomm will bring fast WiFi to cities in mid-2019

Facebook and Qualcomm say this initiative will help lower the cost of high-speed wireless internet

Lyft reportedly wants to launch electric scooter service

Lyft wants in on the scooter market

With at least $1.3 billion invested globally in 2018, VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals

Barack and Michelle Obama sign production deal with Netflix

Looks like another big win for Netflix

Launch with TechCrunch in the Startup Battlefield competition at Disrupt SF 2018

We bumped the top prize this year to $100,000

Teen monitoring app TeenSafe exposes thousands of passwords

According to reports, TeenSafe left two servers containing the personal information of its users exposed and viewable to anyone

This top Silicon Valley venture firm just made a contrarian move with its newest fund

An unprecedented move for any U.S.-based venture firm

Where to watch Zuckerberg’s meeting with EU MEPs on Tuesday

Looks like Mark Zuckerberg's meeting with EU representatives will be live streamed after all

Microsoft acquires conversational AI startup Semantic Machines to help bots sound more lifelike

Microsoft acquires Semantic Machines to "push forward the boundaries of what is possible in language interfaces"

Whisk, the smart food platform that makes recipes shoppable, acquires competitor Avocando

Whisk acquires German competitor Avocando to scale a joint global vision to make online recipes 'shoppable'

With at least $1.3 billion invested globally in 2018, VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals

We're less than five months into 2018 and blockchain companies have already surpassed the amount of VC money raised in 2017

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